Here is why Pacific Auto Centre sells Bosch baterries across Sydney suburbs. By providing quality and efficient mechanical services and without compromising our attitude to high customer service and satisfaction we have become the ‘go to guys’ for the Sydney communities automotive service needs. Overall, Bosch batteries provide high charge acceptance & peak power for all type of vehicles. To find out which one suit you best, visit our car workshop or call us.

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Bosch Auto Supplier | Price List & Catalog
From manufacturing batteries for passenger vehicles to off-highway applications, Bosch continuously revolutionises its line of products for the automotive industry across the globe. With today‘s cars being fitted with more and more components that run on electricity, having a high quality and reliable battery power is ever more essential. Batteries from Bosch deliver better performance and dependable power for every car, as well as those with Start-Stop Systems and Alternator Management Systems.

Price List & Catalog

Call us to know more about our range of Bosch batteries, the price range, features and get access to the catalog with all accessories and auto electrical solutions in Australia.